Why You Should Book Your Atlanta Senior Photos Early

You made it- you’re finally a senior! This year is going to be full of amazing experiences, events, and bittersweet lasts. You want to soak up every minute of it, so the more planning you do and the less stress you have to experience, the better!

One milestone that tends to get pushed to the backburner is senior photos. You have good intentions, but the excitement of the year plus all of the activities tend to cannibalize your brain (and schedule), so I always recommend scheduling them early. Summer sessions are a great choice if you already know that Fall is going to be busy, but even if you are looking at early Fall, it’s a good idea to go ahead and get on your photographer’s calendar. Here are the top reasons you should book your Atlanta senior photo session early, no matter what time of year.


why you should book atlanta senior photos early


More Time to Plan

You don’t want to skimp on planning your senior session so last minute scheduling should be avoided so you aren’t throwing something together and expecting beautiful images. When you book a few weeks or even months in advance, you have plenty of time to prep your skin, plan out what you want to wear, and schedule any hair or nail appointments with plenty of notice. The process is far more enjoyable without the stress of throwing things together the week before.

Worried about being too overwhelmed? See all the ways I help you through the planning process!


Best Choice of Dates

There are definitely busy seasons for senior photographers and booking your spot early ensures you get your choice of the best dates that work for you. Many photographers don’t work weekends so finding a day that fits your schedule might be tricky if half of their dates are already taken.


Wiggle Room for Reschedules

Weather, illness, and, well, life happens. When you give yourself plenty of time, you leave time for reschedules if needed. While not super common, depending on the time of year that you want your session, you may have to deal with rain outs or days that are too blustery. In the event you get sick, you won’t be stressed about not fitting a reschedule in.


Less Stress

Overall, planning your date early eases some of the overwhelm that comes with senior year. You can spread things out instead of stacking one thing after another. When something is already on your calendar for the future, you tend to work other things around it, not the other way around.


why you should book atlanta senior photos early


With a little bit of forethought, you can manage to fit in all the fun that senior year has to offer! If you want your session before your schedule fills for Fall, check out the 5 Reasons We Love Summer Sessions


Are you an Atlanta senior ready to start your senior year off with a BANG? I’m ready make this the first of many awesome experiences for you!


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