frequently asked


frequently asked


I'm not good at posing, is that ok?

You are required only to show up; I do the rest! I have photographed people that are amazing at posing and others that have no idea where to put their hands. I have studied the art of posing and flattering all body types and shapes. No need to worry about practicing in the mirror…although it is fun! I make it super easy for you. I even pose with you to show you exactly what I want you to do. I never make you do anything you aren’t comfortable doing but do encourage you to go a little out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Where Will We Shoot? Can I Choose the Location?

Your shoot location depends on your personality, style, and preference. I am totally open to location suggestions, but must scout them out first to be sure they offer gorgeous backdrops and the perfect lighting. Sometimes, places that look pretty on the surface are not exactly ideal for shooting. I have a few favorite spots for both natural and urban settings.

How long before I get to see my photos?

Your proofs are ready to view about 10 days after your session. You will be invited back to the studio for a personalized viewing appointment where you get to see your photos and choose your favorites for your products. Orders are placed at this appointment.

What if it rains?

On location shoots do mean that we are at the mercy of Mother Nature and bad weather is a possibility. I try and make the decision to reschedule the day before the session, but depending on you, sometimes we wait longer to see if the weather changes. I work in reschedule days into my calendar, so we can usually get the session done within a few days.

I just had a huge zit pop up, should I reschedule?

It’s almost guaranteed that your face will know you have a photoshoot and surprise you with a gift. No worries- basic retouching is included in your session. While you may see it in the proofs, rest assured all ordered images are edited to take care of stray hairs, small breakouts, and bruises. 

Where will I change outfits?

Most of the time, bathrooms are either unavailable or difficult to go back and forth to so I provide a pop-up tent for changing clothes wherever we are.

Should mom (or dad) come to the shoot?

Absolutely and I highly encourage it! For one, this is a great opportunity to spend some time together and I always recommend them jumping in a few shots to capture the two of you together. I also love when my moms take behind the scenes videos and photos.

Can we combine this session with a family shoot?

This session is all about the senior and while I do encourage mom/dad or sibling for a few shots, it’s best to have a separate session with the whole family. Especially since it’s complimentary when you book a senior session!

Can I bring my pet?

As a lover of animals, I adore when seniors bring their beloved pets! I’m a boy mom, so even if it has scales, I will want to touch and photograph it. Just be sure there is someone there to wrangle and care for them during the session.

How far in advance should I book?

The short answer is however long you’d like! I’ve been known to book Spring dates in the Fall, but as a good rule of thumb, 3-4 weeks works well. This gives you time for planning, purchasing any items you may need, and making sure you can ask off for work/school if necessary.

What days and times can I book my session?

I book on weekday afternoons and evenings, depending on the time of year. As we get later into Fall, our start times may begin before the school day is over, so please plan accordingly. I do not schedule sessions on weekends as those are important for me to spend with family 🙂

Will I be able to post my photos on social?

Absolutely! I love posing behind the scenes on my Insta Stories and tag you so that you can share. I encourage you to show off your images, so when you come in for your ordering appointment, you get a social media version of each photo you purchase in your collection.



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