How a Photo Shoot Can Build Your Teen’s Confidence

As a photographer, I love working with and seeing the transformation teens can have in front of my camera. But as a mom, I understand how hard you try to give them moments of courage and confidence in every day life. From telling them how special they are to encouraging them to be themselves, sometimes, our efforts fall flat. After all, we are mom- we’re supposed to think they’re the best (and they are!). If you are looking for opportunities for them to experience praise from others and to feel their very best or maybe show them beauty they just don’t see, then a personalized photo session is a fantastic way to do that! Whether you have a tween, teen, or high school senior, a photo shoot can do wonders to build her confidence in several ways.


atlanta photo shoot to build your teen's confidence


She can express her style in a way that feels appreciated

When she is able to be herself and wear what makes her feel amazing, it will show in the photos. Knowing that her wants won’t be ignored or that she’ll be forced to wear what everyone else wears or what’s trendy makes her feel confident in her choices of what she likes


She’ll learn how to be comfortable with herself

Being in front of the camera can be scary- I still have moments of hesitation when someone wants to take a photo, but when she is coached and shown exactly what to do, she becomes more and more relaxed throughout the session and ends up being comfortable enough to start posing naturally. The vulnerability is huge in her figuring out how to be herself and coming out of her shell. Seeing young girls’ true personalities shine in the midst of a session is my absolute favorite!


atlanta photo shoot to build your teen's confidence


It makes her feel heard and that her opinions are valid

She should be involved in the planning process and express what she likes and dislikes. Feeling like her voice matters is so important when I’m designing a session for my teens. After all, these photos should reflect what she wants so it makes sense that she should be heard and be part of the process.


She’ll feel beautiful just as she is

Having fun and feeling like a million bucks is wonderful, but showing her what she looks like in the process and seeing her face when I turn the camera around is priceless. She’ll see what others do, instead of judging herself by a photo from a bad angle or terrible lighting. She can witness what she looks like when she laughs or what a real smile looks like on her. She may even fall in love with the little crinkle her nose does when she about to giggle.


She will have tried something new (and maybe a little scary)

When is the last time you tried something that you so nervous about but ended up leaving you feeling invincible? Facing fears head on can sometimes be the biggest blessing and when teens are able to conquer something new, they feel like they’ve taken on the world. If she is nervous about having a session (and most girls are), when it’s finished and she’s has such a great time and saw how amazing she looked, it can really boost her self-esteem.


atlanta photo shoot to build your teen's confidence


She’ll get to relive the experience over and over

Even after the session, she’ll get to remember how amazing she felt. When you see the final images, those feelings come back to her and then when you purchase prints to display in your home, not only will she get to see them whenever she wants, it will make her special knowing how important she is to you.


It can serve as a bonding experience between you and her

Simply giving her this opportunity and being there with her makes her feel supported by you. I encourage mom to be involved with planning, giving her ideas or making suggestions to help her. This is a great way to do something together and strengthen your bond. If you want, you can even hop in for a few special memories together. Trust me, it will mean the world to her!



Want to know a great way to boost her confidence? Spend time with her and let her know you treasure her! Check out this FREE GUIDE I put together just for moms looking for fun activities to do with their tweens and teens!



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