Introducing the newest addition to Urban Trend just for teens and tweens ages 10-16

Why should seniors have all the fun? We now offer sessions for girls and guys at that “in-between” age. Often called “the forgotten years”, tweens and young teens should celebrate their personal style I love the different individual personalities of kids this age. They can be super shy and quiet one minute, then laughing and dancing the next. They are just starting to discover who they are and who they want to become. I am honored to be able to document that.

We encourage funky accessories, bright colors, and fun textures. We’ll shoot a variety of styles to be sure and capture all the fun of being young!

And what’s the celeb treatment without makeup and hairstyling? My makeup artist will provide light hair and makeup to make her session just a bit more special.

All of the gorgeous, custom products we offer to our seniors are available so now you don’t have to wait until their graduation year to have these beautiful memories displayed in your home.

what to expect

designing your perfect session

To help you start planning, I’ll guide you through the process and invite you to a phone consultation to discuss your ideas. I’ll also send a questionnaire to learn all about her interests, personality, and preferences.

the shine session

– brainstorming phone call to design your perfect session

– professional makeup and touch-ups throughout the session

– three outfits with over an hour of shoot time

– a personal design appointment at the studio to view images and place your order 

– 45- 50 images to choose from

you also get:

–  to choose 6 of your favorite images to show off on social media

– a sibling or parent in a few shots


prints and products are purchased separately. most clients invest a minimum of $1200 on their custom order

ready to start planning your shoot?