15 Fun Things for Teens To Do This Summer in Metro Atlanta

Sweet Summertime- no school, sleeping in, lazy days…until you get bored and long for the days of structure and routine…maybe. There’s always something fun to do when you live in a big city like Atlanta. The usual outdoor games, hanging by the pool, and going to the movies, but sometimes you want to do something a little different. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor fun, nearby or a short drive, here are a few fun ideas you may not have thought about to get you through the Dog Days of Summer.


things for teens to do in summer in atlanta


1. Host a Picnic with Friends

2. Take a Daytrip- Helen, Serenbe, Dahlonega, and Chattanooga are great choices

3. Go Camping

4. Do Tie-Dye

5. Water Balloon Fight or Slip n Slide

6. Visit a Swimming Hole at a Local Park-
Vickery Creek in Roswell
Jones Bridge Park in Norcross
Yellow River Park in Stone Mountain
Settles Bridge Park in Suwanee
Tribble Mill Park in Grayson (this one takes a little effort to find, type “Tribble Mill Waterfall” into Maps)

7. Go to a Concert- either a local city concert or large venue

8. Do an Escape Room

9. Start a 1000 Piece Puzzle- work on it a little each day

10. Host a Movie or Game Night- don’t forget to do up the popcorn and snacks

11. Create Some Art- determine a medium (watercolor painting, origami, mixed media) and follow a YouTube tutorial

12. Recreate Pinterest Photos- browse Pinterest for fun photos you want to try with your friends. Take turns photographing each other

13. Donut Sampling- venture to a few local donut shops, buy a few donuts at each to sample and rate them

14. Catch Fireflies in a jar and feel the nostalgia of childhood

15. Make a Summer Collage- be sure to snap photos of your adventures and turn it into a keepsake to display in your bedroom


Also try Googling events in your area. There’s always a festival or event for low or no cost.
Summer should definitely have lazy days and there’s no need to try and tackle all of these (unless, of course, you like a challenge!) but choose one or two to try out this year. You may end up with a new hobby or favorite hangout spot. Go out and adventure instead of staying cooped up until August!

Which ones do you want to try? 


Summer is also a great time to start thinking about or even having your senior photo session- don’t forget to download our FREE Planning Guide to make it fun and easy!



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