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As a senior photographer, I know Atlanta is a beautiful city full of clear, sunny skies, golden hues, gorgeous backdrops… it’s no wonder Summer is perfect for amazing senior photos. Many people think Fall is the only time for having their senior photos taken, but there are so many perks to getting your session scheduled in the warmer months, especially if you love fresh, Summer style. If your dream session includes gorgeous sunsets, barefeet in the grass, and golden makeup looks, this might be the perfect time to book!


Here are our top 5 favorite reasons we love Summer Sessions-


1. Your beautiful sun-kissed skin

One big reason some seniors choose Summer for their session is because they look and feel their best with a little color. Whether you’ve been hanging at the pool or spending time beach side, there’s nothing like the natural glow that comes with Summertime activities. But be sure not to go overboard and go super dark (unless that’s close to your skin tone) or worse, get the lobster look. Also be wary of faux tanning. Be sure you test out the look before your session so you don’t turn out looking like and Oompa Loompa. If you tan easily and feel the best with that Summer glow, this is a great time for portraits.



2. Amazing lighting

Another perk of choosing Summer is the long days with GORGEOUS lighting. Even better is the light that comes right after an afternoon storm that pop up often this time of year. Bright, sunny days mean fun props like sunglasses and evening that glow! The resulting photos scream Summertime and create the perfect backdrop for those Summer outfit looks.



3. Fun Summer Fashion

Who doesn’t love a good sundress, strappy sandals, and flowy fabrics? And they are PERFECT portrait clothes. You can move freely and they add interest to your portraits. Our favorites are floral prints, floppy hats, and bright colors. You can also add in fun season props like bikes with baskets, flowers, sunglasses, and soda bottles.



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4. Mother Nature Looks Like a Million Bucks

Yes, it can be hot, but by Summertime, the long rainy days have done their job, and everything is in colorful bloom. Even city locations just have that warm glow about them and give photos that fashion look. Direct sun can make for unique photos and everything is brighter and more vibrant.



5. It Sets the Tone for an Epic Senior Year

What better way to begin this last year of school than a fun experience that makes you feel amazing and boosts your confidence? Senior year is going to be full of excitement and this is only the first of many experiences you get to have as a senior. It also helps you to be more relaxed because you don’t have the stress of activities and upcoming tests and projects looming like you do during the school year.


Does a Summer session sound like your dream? Make it a reality! We are booking NOW for June, July, and August so contact us today if you want to snag your spot! I’d love to chat about your vision!


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