Ideas for Summer Senior Photos in Atlanta

Did you know that Summer is a great time for a senior photo or a teen session? Fun Summer outfits and props can make for unique and playful images that represent your personality. It’s also a time when your schedule is more open and you aren’t stressing about school assignments and obligations. If you feel like warm weather speaks to your style, let’s talk about a few fun ideas you can incorporate into your session.



When Designing Your Outfits

Choosing outfits that show off Summer styles are perfect for playing off the warm, sunny days. I love flowy fabrics, fun colors, and classic textures. You can also show a little more skin in this weather.

Ideas for summer senior photos

Ideas for summer senior photos

Ideas for summer senior photos

Ideas for summer senior photos

Ideas for summer senior photos


Think about-

– Sundresses
– Off the shoulder and crop tops
– Bright Colors
– Florals
– Eyelet
– Gingham
– Sunhats/Floppy hats


By Using Props

Props are a great way to incorporate interests and hobbies, but can also just be for fun. They will definitely add that Summer feel to your session.


Ideas for summer senior photos with sunglasses

ideas for summer senior photos in Atlanta, ga

Ideas for summer senior photos with a boat

Ideas for summer senior photos with ice cream

Think about-

– Ice Cream
– Boat
– Bike
– Sunglasses
– Bubble Gum
– Bottled Soda
– Skates/Skateboard


Love these ideas and want more tips and tricks to planning a session in ANY season? Download the FREE PLANNING GUIDE and get started dreaming right now!


If your aesthetic has a warm-weather vibe, consider using a few of these ideas to infuse into your Summer session. It will reflect your style and add a little fun to your photos. Be sure to check out 5 Reasons We Love Summer Sessions if you’re still on the fence!
If you want to talk about your ideas for Summer senior photos, I’d love to chat with you!



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