What Do YOU Want From Senior Photos?

senior portraits smiling in field

If it’s the Summer before your senior year, that means there is LOTS to think about and prep for. Many of these to-dos will stress you out a bit and take a good amount of your time, but I want you to know that I have your back and that’s EXACTLY why I make senior pictures a fun and easy process!

If you aren’t sure why you want senior photos, take a look at the list below- you may find out that there are a few of these that speak to you and get you excited about having a session. So, let’s talk about what you might want out of this experience and how I provide all of them when you have a session with Urban Trend.



1. You Want To Look and Feel AMAZING

Of course, don’t we all covet that one snapshot where we look like a freaking supermodel? Our head tilted just right, the perfect smile, hair on point? What if you had that photo plus 40 more? My main goal is to create the best photos you’ve ever had. I do that by starting off with professional makeup to your taste, touch you up to make sure you maintain your look during the session, and pose/light you in the best possible way. I give you that little twinkle in your eye and help you nail that ever popular smolder. Even the outfits I help you put together are chosen based on how well they photograph and how we can pose your body type perfectly in them. I don’t skimp on the encouragement either and create a comfortable environment where you can be yourself. This results in images that you’ll be proud of and make you feel like a million bucks.


why you want senior pictures in atlanta

One of our signature looks is the striking headshot. We do one gorgeous close-up in each outfit and it’s always a favorite at the viewing.


2. You Want to Show Off Your Style

One of the many reasons I love photographing seniors is their awesome sense of style. Modern trends, accessorizing, and even pulling out some vintage pieces from mom’s closet- I love shooting your unique fashion style. With four outfits included in your session, you can choose a variety of different styles and make each set of images a different side of your personality! Many times, seniors bring a favorite outfit of theirs, one for mom, and then something a bit unexpected or daring for them. You can also bring more than you’ll need to the studio and we can go through everything, creating pairings that you maybe haven’t even thought of. I’ve photographed over 100 seniors and am on top of the latest fashion trends so I am happy to help you coordinate while you get primped. I’ve also had seniors show off their style with a bold lip. If you want to see some of my favorite outfits or just need some inspiration, check out my curated Pinterest boards.


atlanta senior photos of girls in hats

Your style can be anything you want it to be- eclectic, boho, girly, or vintage. We love them all!


3. You Want An Experience That You’ll Remember

Don’t think of senior photos as something you have to do, but something you want to do. I’ve become known for my senior experience as well as for the images I produce. I hate awkward silence and work hard to make you comfortable throughout the shoot. I’ll pose with you to show you exactly how to nail the shot and incorporate movement so you don’t feel like a statue in every picture. We chat about life and I usually tell really bad jokes to get those real laughs. I have many girls come in knowing nothing about how to relax for the camera and end their session nailing the more difficult poses. Many of my girls tell me their face hurts the next day from laughing so much. You can read about some of our seniors’ experiences if you still need more convincing!


why you want senior photos in atlanta

These are a common scene at our sessions. This is the reality of working with me.


4. You Want To Commemorate This Year with Tangible Memories

I pride myself on listening to how seniors and their moms want to display and show off their images. Every product I offer is chosen to be timeless, clean, and let the images shine. Popular keepsakes include multi image albums and collages. Want something to take with you to college? The customized image box is perfect! Seniors love to personalize their own and fill it with mementos from the year. These images become part of your legacy and allow you to enjoy and reminisce long after senior year is over.
View the product line to choose your favorites before your session even begins!


why you want atlanta senior photos

Albums and boxes have many options that you can choose from to make them perfect for your style and decor.


5. You Want To Celebrate Your Accomplishments

High school can be full of events and activities and you should be proud of all that you’ve achieved throughout your four years. Senior photos are a great way to show off awards, hobbies, and interests that molded you into who you are today. Maybe you’ve even been involved in something since you were young- you should incorporate it into your session! It makes your photos not only personal, but have even more meaning for you.


ballet dancer senior photos in decatur square


So what are YOU looking for? Maybe it’s one of these, maybe it’s all of them! No matter your reason, I am here to create the PERFECT session that is ALL ABOUT YOU!
If you are looking for a senior photographer in the Atlanta area, click below and let’s chat about your vision. I’ll send you a guide with all the details about the Urban Trend experience-


why you want senior photos in atlanta

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