Summer to Fall Outfits for Atlanta Senior Photos

It’s that magical time of year where you are super excited about the anticipation of the cooler weather of Fall, but it’s still a bit too warm for sweaters and scarves. You may not be quite ready to pack up all of your Summer outfits but know that most of them won’t cut it for much longer. It’s easy to transition them with a few simple additions. Here are 3 of my favorite ways to create Summer to Fall outfits for everyday or for your senior photos-


Summer Staple- the Sundress
Fall Addition- a Jacket or Cardigan

One of the most common ways to take a Summer look into Fall is by throwing a cardigan, jean jacket, or wrap over a cute dress. It add layers which adds interest and you can play with different patterns and textures to create a whole new feel to the style. Switch out your sandals for booties and add some Autumn-colored accessories and the look is complete!


senior photo in jean jacket in lawrenceville square

fall senior photos at tribble mill park

atlanta senior photos with sweater and dress


Summer Staple- Shorts
Fall Addition- Tights

This look was popular a few years ago but I’ve been seeing it pop back up again and I’m not complaining. I love this look, especially for a session in the city. It adds a bit of edginess and can completely change the style of a regular shorts and tee outfit. My favorite color is black or burgundy and what screams Fall more than a pair of opaque tights and a sweater? Along with boots (or booties) this is a classic look when it’s just beginning to turn cooler since the tights will give you a bit of warmth.


lawrenceville, ga senior photo with shorts and tights

lawrenceville,ga senior photos in parking garage


Not sure where to start or feeling confused when you go shopping? Take the Style Quiz to help find what vibe suits you best-


Summer Staple- Shorts or Skirt
Fall Addition- Long-Sleeve Top or Sweater

What better way to transition seasons than by wearing Summer on the bottom and Fall on top! I’ve always loved the look of shorts (or a skirt) paired with a long-sleeve top, especially a baggy sweater. You can dress it up or wear it more casual, wear it with boots or tennis shoes- it’s a super versatile pairing. If it’s too warm for a sweater, try an off-the-shoulder top. Blazers are also making a comeback in a big way and are perfect to use for this style as well. Not into blazers? A simple jacket thrown over your existing outfit works great!


mcdaniel farm park fall senior photos in duluth, ga

fall senior pictures in atlanta with green jacket

senior photos in decatur, ga with blazer and grafitti wall


Restyling and thinking about an outfit in a different way expands your wardrobe and keeps you from getting bored with the pieces you already have. Try a few out before you hit the stores for new Fall clothes. You probably have more looks in your closet than you thought! If you have a session with me, we can mix and match what you already have in so many ways!
If you liked these tips and want to know where to find a few new pieces, check out the Best Places to Shop for Senior Photo Outfits


Want to try a few of these ideas for your senior photos? Now is the perfect time for a session so let’s connect!


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