4 Easy Ways to Personalize Your Atlanta Senior Photos

When I had my senior photos taken, I went to the studio just about everyone else did. The photos turned out ok, but they looked pretty much like everyone elses’. The studio had a handful of indoor and outdoor scenes that they used for every senior. Not very unique. And while they showed my face, they didn’t show who I was- what my interests were, what made me, well, me. Your senior photos should represent who you are, not just a photographic image of your face and favorite outfits. It shouldn’t just be a fun experience, but one that truly captures what makes you unique and what is special to you. Here are 4 easy ways you can personalize your senior photos so that they reflect the things that matter to you.


1. Sports/Extracurricular Activities

Probably the most popular way to inject your personality into your senior portraits is to incorporate something from a sport you play or after school activity you are passionate about. Schools have clubs that provide creative outlets for so many students, so why not speak to them in your session? You can go the simple route by using a prop (bat, t-shirt, pointe shoes, etc) or make one of your outfits center around that activity. It’s up to you how much you want to show, but it’s a great way to commemorate something that was important to you during your high school days.


– sports uniform – awards you’ve won – equipment

senior photo baseball at garrard landing park alpharetta

decatur sqaure senior photo ballet dancer


2. Interests and Hobbies

Maybe you weren’t an athlete but definitely had an interest or hobby that you loved. These make for great session personalizations! If you are an avid reader, why not have a fun set where you pose with your favorite books?  Were you in chess club or built robots on the weekends for competition? Perfect! Do you have a collection of something that is important to you? Even something as simple as being an avid coffee lover can spur some really fun images- like setting up outside a small coffee shop for one outfit as a nod to your obsession.


– books/comics – after school club activities – future career field – drawings and collections – paintings and brushes

personalizing senior photos in atlanta with antique camera


3. Item with Sentimental Value

I love when a senior wears something from their mom’s closet or a skirt their grandmother made. Maybe you have an item that’s been in the family for generations that can be showcased in your photos. Did you have a special item that was always with you growing up? Including sentimental items can really make your session meaningful to you (and mom and dad).


– clothing from a relative – your favorite teddy bear as a child – grandma’s favorite flower – a necklace or jewelry someone gave you


personalizing senior photos downtown Norcross flower shop


4. Something You Love

These are YOUR photos, so why not include something you just adore. I’ve had seniors bring pets, cars, and even their favorite snack! Think about things that people mention about you- are you always chewing gum? A fun bubble blowing photo would be perfect! Are you known as the girl who always wears loud socks? Let’s incorporate it! Is your pup your very best friend? You pretty much have to bring him!


– dog/cat/lizard/chinchilla/etc – style accessory – food or drink – your car


personalizing senior photos in atlanta with dog

Other ideas to consider:

– old camera – family quilt or heirloom – photo of a relative – dog tags of a special person – a parent (or both) – a sibling – a special tattoo – playbills – apparel of sports team you love – physical representation of a nickname you have


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See how using items in your photos can tell the story of you? They level up those boring senior photos and turn them into personalized images that you’ll fall in love with. Don’t be afraid to get a little personal when it comes to planning your senior photos. Want more tips? Check out six things you Need To Know


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