Best Places to Shop for Atlanta Senior Photo Outfits

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Most girls have their favorite places to shop when it comes to clothes- depending on what you’re looking for, you know what place will have what you want. For the most part, we keep a handful of stores on our shortlist and frequent them when it’s time for a refresh or need a certain piece to complete an outfit. Sometimes it’s fun to go in and be able to try things on or maybe you don’t know what you’re looking for and want something to speak to you. Other times, we’d rather shop in our pajamas while watching Netflix. I wanted to put together a list that offers both options for the best places to shop for senior photo outfits.


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1 | Anthropologie

A staple for trending and unique styles. You can find great maxi dresses here, but every new season I seem to find a hidden gem. I love the colors and patterns and the variety of clothing and accessories so you can walk out with a complete look. anthropologie.com

Great for:

– dresses
– colorful layers
– hats and headbands


2 | Altar’d State

I love the feel of this store (especially the fitting room area!) and that they carry frills and lace but also a little country grunge. They have tons of accessories and gorgeous hats and shoes. My favorite is pairing one of their vintage graphic tees with a ruffled or mini skirt. A great look for portraits! altardstate.com

Great for:

– dresses and skirts
– crop tops
– hats and jewelry


3 | H&M

The muted pallet of this store always draws me in. I know I’ll usually walk out with at least one really cool piece. They have everything from simple sweatshirts to sequined pants. One side of their store is more modern and dressy and the other is trendy with an emphasis on 80s and 90s styles. hm.com

Great for:

– sundresses
– blazers
– basics


4 | Dress-Up

I follow this brand on social and they showcase some super cute pieces. The only drawback is that they carry limited stock and things go fast, but that’s not to say you can’t go in looking for one piece and fall in love with another. They have about a dozen locations around metro Atlanta so there’s probably one convenient to you. shopdressup.com

Great for:

– drapey fit pieces
– cardigans and layers
– trending styles


6 | Thrift Stores

I can’t have a shopping inspo post without mentioning the potential finds that come along with thrifting. While searching through racks and racks of clothes might not be everyone’s idea of a good time, you can find some really cool pieces if you give it a try. 

Great for:

– vintage styles
– quirky/eclectic outfits
– designer finds at rock bottom prices


6 | Amazon

I also wanted to mention Amazon as a valid option because if you look, there are a million style brands on the internet giant. I would recommend using it for specific pieces, not just generic browsing. Amazon themselves have some really nice clothing brands. Expert tip- use the search filters for “Prime delivery” and “4 stars or more” and read reviews to weed out the junk. I even have a few Pinterest boards dedicated to my favorite Amazon finds. amazon.com

Great for:

– specific searches like “denim jacket” or “animal print tops”
– name brands
– hats


7 | Bohme

I recently discovered this online retailer and bought a pair of jeans that I get loads of compliments on. I’d describe their style as vintage boho with a modern twist. I love their timeless color pallet and you can find some really cool pieces here. One downside- shipping can take about two weeks. bohme.com

Great for:

– jeans
– dresses
– unique pieces


8 | Your Mom’s Closet

I’ve had more than a few seniors come to their sessions with outfits they pulled from their mom’s own closet. If yours tends to be one that keeps clothes for awhile, ask her if you can rummage around. You can pair what you find with more modern looks for a really customized outfit. And because vintage 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s looks are trending, you can go “shopping” without spending a dime!

Great for:

– authentic vintage fashion
– a truly one-of-a-kind outfit
– meaningful photos


Stores to watch-

Cake for Dinner


Need inspiration on how to pull together your looks? Check out the post 7 Do’s and Don’ts for Choosing Outfits for Senior Photos
If you want to start chatting about your ideas, I’m ready for you!


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