Why You Need Senior Photos (Even Though You Take a Million Phone Pics)

Senior portraits are a rite of passage. They’re the last photos you’ll have taken before you go off to college or start your career, and they can be an important keepsake for years to come.
Senior photos should be professional quality, but many teens and their moms don’t know what makes them different from the photos they take with their friends on their phone or even by someone with a nice camera. So while you may have thousands of photos of you on your phone, they don’t compare to what you get with a professional senior photographer.

Here are the main reasons why you’ll want your senior portraits done by a pro.


The Quality of a Professional Senior Photographer is Unmatched


It’s true- phone cameras are getting more and more sophisticated by the day and do a very good job of giving you great shots, but they still don’t compare to the quality of a professional camera. They know what settings to use in certain situations and while phones have cool features, your average person doesn’t know how/when to use them. They also know how to utilize supplemental tools like reflectors to perfect a shot. A professional photographer can make the best decisions when shooting using the tools they are trained to use. A phone is just guessing based on how it was programmed.


Pro Senior Photographers Know How to Get the Best Shots


In addition to the quality, much of getting great photos is knowing how to take a shot. Ever had someone snap a photo for you and you make them take it a hundred times because “the light is weird” or “I look awful!”? Each person is different, requiring a photographer to decide the best angles to make them look their best. Not only that, they are masters of light and knowing how to use it is crucial. So many times when I’m out on a session, I see girls taking photos of each other with their phones and the background is pretty, but the light is all wrong. Being able to work with lighting, angles, and posing together creates the gorgeous images that separate portraits from snapshots.


Senior Portraits Get Printed and Won’t Get Lost in Digital World


When was the last time you did anything with all of those photos on your phone? There was a time when in order to see your photos, they had to be printed and the advantage to that was that you had a tangible copy to keep, usually by slipping it into an album. When you hire a full-service senior photographer, you get to have your images printed out so you can enjoy them for years after the session. They become family heirlooms, not just passing moments.



Senior Photos Are Personalized and Focused Time Just for You


Another big difference between snapshots you take with a friend and senior portraits is the experience. Don’t get me wrong, having fun with your girls is important and I love that this is a common occurrence, but when you choose a pro photographer, it’s all about YOU. You don’t have to take photos of them in return or think of your own poses and location- the photographer takes care of the details and the added bonus of makeup application so you look and feel like the absolute best version of you.


The difference between professional and phone photos is like night and day–the former will give you memories that last forever while the latter may just be forgotten in a few years’ time. While phone photos are a great way to capture everyday memories and have fun with your friends, professional portraits an investment in your future. They’ll be around for decades to come, so it’s important that they look like you, reflect who you are as a person, and are better than any snapshots on your phone. They’re also an experience that makes you feeling amazing and boosts your self-confidence long after the session is over.

If you want the best senior photo experience in Atlanta, including planning tools and a session tailored to your style, I’d love to chat about your ideas!





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