Must Have Shots for Atlanta Senior Photos

You’re gathering all of your senior photo ideas- you have your outfits to wear, how you want to style your makeup and hair, but not many seniors think about how they want to be photographed. Truth is, your photographer should be skilled enough to choose your best angles and awesome lighting, but there are 4 main shots you want to make sure they get during your session. These are a mix of classic and modern poses that ensure variety in your images and allow you to have a little fun so you can show off not only your serious side, but your fun one too!


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#1- The Headshot

The classic close-up is one I’ve been shooting since I began photographing seniors. For one, it makes a beautiful framed portrait to hang on a wall as it’s usually a mom favorite. It shows off your eyes and focuses on the simple beauty of you. Secondly, it can be used as a professional headshot or when rushing a sorority. I love this striking shot with a soft smile or slightly pursed lips.



#2- The Laugh

What better way to showcase your personality than a good laugh? Not a fake or forced one, but a real, authentic giggle? I have ways of getting natural laughs since we have a ton of fun on our sessions anyway! These shots help capture the many sides of you and look amazing incorporated in album spreads. Mom loves them, but may not want them on the wall, so showcasing them among posed shots in an album are the perfect compromise.



#3- The Walk/Swing

Modern senior photos are all about real and one way to add interest into your gallery is to add movement. Slow walking and natural movements work because you naturally fall into posing rather than being directed, giving your photos a much  more personalized feel. Dresses and skirts are fun to play with and swing around and walking gives you something to do when poses start feeling too stiff.



#4- The Editorial

One shot that separates pros from the others is the editorial. This is any photo that uses specific light, angle, or posing to reflect images you would see in a magazine. Usually combined with a smolder, these may be the one that most girls are hesitant to try because they think they can’t pull it off, but in reality, everyone can! These are great because they give you variety and show you that you can do something a little out of your comfort zone and get a great result.



I love incorporating all of these poses into every shoot. They are what make my sessions so fun and give my seniors so much variety! It also allows my teens to see themselves in ways they never have and illustrates their personality and style. Including all of these in your senior album ensures that you’ll get a keepsake that you’ll love to flip through and remember the experience by.


Want to incorporate these senior photo ideas into your session? Let’s chat about what we can create together!


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