Why Should I Book My Atlanta Senior Photos Early?

You’re looking forward to a gorgeous Spring senior session, but don’t think that just because it’s cold and gloomy now that you shouldn’t get your date booked! One big mistake I see moms and seniors make is to forget how long it will take from the time you book your session to the time you have actual prints and products in hand. You want to be sure you have time expectations to avoid disappointment. That why I’ve laid out a loose timeline for you.

In order to make sure you have your senior pictures ready for your grad party and in time to send announcements and invites, let’s figure out how far in advance you’ll want to have your session:


Booking and Prep- at least 2 weeks

This gives you time to purchase any necessary items and to plan out what you want your session to look like.


Session day to ordering appointment- 2-3 weeks

This time includes culling through your session and prepping your images for viewing. You’ll choose your photos and products at this time.


Ordering to delivery- 3-4 weeks

Prints and albums can take up to 4 weeks to design, edit, and deliver, especially during busy season. Digitals typically take about 1 week if designing your own grad cards/invites.


If you purchase grad cards-
Initial designing may only take a few days, but don’t forget, grad cards will need to be proofed, confirmed, printed by you before ordering Remember that you want to send out graduation and party invitations a few weeks in advance if you want to give people enough time to plan to come. Grad announcements can simply be sent out at any time around graduation.

So, if you plan on sending out announcements and party invitations before graduation, you’ll want to book your session mid March to early April.
If you’re planning on a later grad party, this means that you’ll want to book your session in early to mid-April.

That means calling now, during Winter, is the best way to guarantee you’ll get a date when you need it. If you need to book your Atlanta senior photos, let’s chat!


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