How To Use Your Senior Photos After Graduation

Senior year is an exciting milestone that deserves to be commemorated, but what happens to those cherished graduation photos once the cap is thrown and the diploma is in hand? Sure, mom will enjoy her album and look at the artwork hanging on her walls, but how can newly graduated seniors utilize them as they begin a new chapter?
As teens embark on their post-graduation journey, whether entering the workforce or pursuing further education, their senior photos can play a crucial role in establishing their professional identity and making a memorable impression. Whether seeking employment opportunities, networking with industry professionals, or building their personal brand, these photos can serve as powerful assets.
Here are some inspiring ideas on how to use your senior photos after graduation.



Sorority Pledge Photos

Many seniors come to their sessions knowing that they’re going to use some of their photos to pledge with. Know what picture outfit you’ll likely pledge with so we know to intentionally take the best photos with pledging in mind.



Social Bio Photo

If you’re applying for an internship or a job beyond graduation, remember that most employers are going to look up your social accounts. Make sure your profile photos are clean, non-selfies, and showcase the kind of employee you want to be. LinkedIn can serve as great networking opportunity so you’ll want to have a professional photo to use on your profile.


College Announcement

One of the most exciting parts of senior year is announcing what college you’ll be attending in the Fall, especially for athletes. Tell friends and family where your next chapter lies with a college announcement complete with a photo or two from your session. Tons of our clients like to fill these cards with pictures from their sessions to showcase their next adventure!


college announcement using senior photos


Personal Branding

A new must-have in the professional world is establishing a personal brand. After graduation, your social media can become the perfect place to build your personal brand for potential employers and other opportunities. Starting early helps establish your identity for future ventures and collaborations.


Email Signature

You’ll be shocked at how often you use your email after you graduate and it’s usually used most between college and employment dealings. So adding a photo from your session to your email signature ensures you make an impression and look professional when emailing your boss and college professors.


Thank You Cards

After your graduation and party, it’s always nice to send out thank yous to guests and those who sent a gift, so why not personalize them with a gorgeous photo? I can design one custom for you or you can opt to purchase a digital add on to create your own.


thank you cards using senior photos


Utilizing your senior photos after graduation is a smart way to get the most out of the gorgeous photos from your session. Consider these before you have your session so your photographer can give you the best options for what you’re looking for. I love tailoring my shoots to fit the needs of my seniors that know how they want to use their beautiful images!

Looking for an Atlanta senior photographer who knows how to help with all of these and more? I’d love to connect!

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