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senior photographer atlanta


There are many reasons I chose to become an entrepreneur, but one of the most important is being able to use my business to give back to the community. I feel that as a small business, it is my responsibility to be involved in and help out the very people who support my endeavors. Being a high school senior photographer, I naturally chose to support something that tends to lack the proper funding in most schools- arts and clubs. Instead of choosing one or two, I’m allowing my clients to choose which club or activity THEY  want to support.

It’s simple- when you come in to purchase your prints and products, we will donate 5% of your purchase to the club of your choice. Easy peasy.

senior photographer atlanta

This isn’t limited to any one school, but to all of the school my seniors attend. My hope is that we can work together to build stronger programs that are so important to our schools and to the students who are a part of them.
Spread the word- let your teachers, coaches, and advisors know about our program and become partners in our effort. You can also click below to request a set of our postcard outlining the program to hand out to club members, teachers, and parents.

senior photographer atlanta

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