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When it comes to being in photos, you always want to put your best face forward. Of course, for senior photos, a makeup artist perfects your look, but most of the time, you aren’t having professional senior portraits taken. It happens spontaneously, when doing everyday activities like hanging out with your friends. So how should you prepare to always look photo-ready? I have a few products that I love!


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The first step is prep. It’s not always pretty, but it gives you a solid foundation-

A Nice, Clean Face

No makeup is going to look good on a face that isn’t properly cleaned and fresh. I love using masks once or twice a week to get that gunk that my everyday cleanser can miss. I’m currently using Formula 10.0.6 Draw It All Out Charcoal Mask. I love masks with charcoal because it attracts dirt and junk like a magnet.

Frizz-Free Hair

I don’t think there’s anyone in the world who doesn’t have to deal with dreaded hair frizz. Mine goes crazy when it’s too dry out, when is humid, or when I just touch it too much. I always suggest using a de-frizzing product suited to your hair type. For mine, I found Keune Keratin Smooth Spray through my stylist and use it after every wash to tame the flyaways and protect against heat damage.


When it comes to makeup, I always say you need a good foundation, lip gloss, and mascara-


If you are like me, Winter tends to dry your skin out, so I always opt for foundations with moisturizing properties to avoid looking flaky. Foundations even out your skintone and make it look brighter in photos. I’m currently using IT Cosmetics CC Cream because it is full coverage without looking cakey, moisturizes, and has anti-aging serum for us over 30 crowd. When the weather turns warmer, I switch to the tinted moisturizer in this line for a more sheer coverage.

Lip Gloss

There aren’t many women who’s lips don’t look blue in photos without some sort of gloss so I always suggest having a neutral pink in your purse for those times that your friend pulls out the phone camera. They give you the “no-makeup” look but give you a natural lip color instead of looking, well, blah. I recently started using Becca Glow Gloss in Opal because the color lasts and it smells like peppermint! But I still love my old standbys NYX Butter Gloss


Mascara is a lot like haircolor- what works for one may not work for you. It’s a personal preference that can take some time to find. I have tried a few over the past year or so, but have been stuck on Maybelline Falsies for awhile now. It’s buildable so you can do a few swipes if you want a more natural look, or really build it up for a glam look. Best of all, it’s EASY to remove.


Now, we get to add the finishing touches-

Effortless Hair

Oh how lucky are the people who have hair that they can just wash and go. You know, the person who always seems to be having a good hair day? Yeah, that’s not me. Mine needs a little nudge to even look like I tried. I suggest using a product that helps your trouble area, whether it’s a serum to tame curls, dry shampoo to absorb excess oil, or, if you’re like me, a texturizer to give life to thin hair. I’ve been using Big Sexy Hair Push-Up Bra Spray for about two years now and can’t live without it. It give my roots a bit of lift so it looks like I actually styled my hair. I can simply spray and work with my fingers or spray and tease it back a bit for more volume.

A Little Bling

I’ll admit, I’m not really an earring girl. I mean, I love them, but when it comes to wearing them, I always fall short. Earrings can add so much to an otherwise plain photo so they can work wonders in your everyday look. Even with a casual outfit, earrings add that touch of glam and look super polished in photos. My favorites are dangles (think simple gold hoops or something that add color). There are so many designs out there, but I am digging Jane.com lately for unique accessories of all kinds.

DIY Mani

Man do I love the look of freshly painted nails…if only it lasted longer than two days, right? I use my hands A LOT so I really don’t spend much time in the manicurist’s seat. Unless there is a special occassion, I opt for a home mani and found a great polish that gives me the look of a professional gel finish and lasts longer than traditional polish. Essie Gel Couture was recommended to me by a friend and I love the way it looks! Something about polished nails makes you feel fancy and is perfect for impromptu Instagram photos where your hands are featured, like sipping a Starbucks.


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