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atlanta senior photo album

Many people wonder just what to do with senior photos. One of my favorite things about being a senior photographer is showing moms all of the ways you can display your images.


When you think about portraits, or photos in general, you usually envision 5×7 prints and buying cute frames to adorn the walls and tabletops of your home. Senior photos, however, are unique in that they can be displayed in so many fun ways, both for mom and teen. These images tend to be cherished quicker than say, a yearly family photo, because your senior will be leaving the nest so they take on a new meaning of “captured memory”.
I love to show parents how to think outside of the box and I offer creative ways to showcase more than just a photo or two on the mantle. I want you to be able to see the story of your teen told through a collection of photos.



By far, my favorite (and my moms as well) way to show off a senior session is with albums. Not only are they beautifully hand-crafted, they allow you to commemorate the entire session, not just a photo or two. They are personalized with your child’s name, school, and graduation date and are filled with pages designed to show off every fun expression and detail of the session. They look perfect displayed on a coffee table for guests to flip through or for mom to enjoy after her baby has gone off to college.


what to do with senior photos buford photographer


what to do with senior photos buford senior photo album


senior photo album atlanta senior photos




When I present a session to my clients at our ordering appointment, there’s are usually one or two absolute favorites that get their own frame to stand alone on the wall, but there are also several that are very close runner-ups. I like using these “second place” images to create a collage. It is a standalone piece but displays multiple photos in a cohesive design. There are many ways to configure the design and the collage can be in a panoramic or square shape. I offer them framed to coordinate with single images or unframed for a more modern look.


framed buford senior photos


buford senior photo collage




While albums are a traditional way of displaying multiple photos, many people are opting for something different that will really wow their friends. Enter the image box. This is basically a collection of mounted images in a gorgeous custom box that you can display in many ways. Photos can be framed and switched out as desired, or you can set them on a photo stand and rotate them to your heart’s content. Any way you choose, it is certain to get your guests talking.


displaying senior photos buford senior photographer


how to display senior pictures


how to display senior pictures




I will always encourage my clients to purchase their photos in print, but there is no denying that we live in a digital world. Many photographers offer digitals, but how many people actually take the time and effort to do anything with those files? My guess is very few. Most people just want them so that they can share them on social media, so I created an app that makes it super easy to upload to Facebook and Instagram. It’s also perfect for sharing your photos on the go since you won’t be carrying your album or image box in your purse. See it in action here


things you can do with senior photos



One of the staples of graduation is sending out announcements to family and friends letting them know of your senior’s achievement. Yes, the school usually sends out an order form for a generic announcement with your grad’s name and commencement details, but you deserve something that will stand out when loved ones receive it in the mail. Custom announcements not only show off your senior photos, but can be personalized with grad party details, activity/academic achievements…the possibilities are endless!


grad announcements for buford seniors


grad announcements for buford seniors


senior products thank you cards



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