Want more than just pretty pictures?

Making you comfortable and treating you like the most important person we’ve ever photographed creates not only a one-of-a-kind photo shoot, but images that capture your best you!
Our goal is to have fun and make you feel amazing about yourself while creating photographs that show your true personality.



Hi there, I’m Ashley, and I’m obsessed with making people just like you feel
confident in their skin.


You are a beautiful, unique person and I want to show you just how amazing you are! Let’s face it- we all struggle with self-image. The world tells you life is a competition to get the most likes, but I say, it’s all about being authentically YOU. I want to capture your personality and show you exactly what I see- by telling a story personalized for each one of my clients. It’s not just photographs I want to capture, but the moments that make you who you are.


We create beautiful portraits to boost self esteem while providing an experience that makes you feel amazing.

Urban Trend is a sought-after custom photography brand that provides you with a personalized level of service and portraits that reflect your style. We will discuss your expectations and design a session that reflects your vision and what YOU want out of your photos.



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