How You’re in Control of Your Atlanta Senior Photos

atlanta senior photographer planning materials

The advances in technology have been amazing in the world of photography. Phones now have some of the same capabilities as pro cameras and allow you to take gorgeous photos. It’s easy for anyone to begin photographing sessions, but there are major differences. When I book a senior or teen, I don’t want it to be about me and my ability to take pretty pictures- I want it to be about giving the person in front of my camera exactly the photos they want. This means not only getting to know them, their interests and style, but also having them design along with me. I want to hear their ideas, see inspiration, what mood and feel they want- it all comes together to bring the vision to life. I want you to have control and a say in your session so I equip you with tools to do just that. Here are three that will help you create the perfect session for you-



The Welcome Packet

After you book your date, you’ll be sent a packet in the mail with a guide for prepping, tips to taking care of your skin, and more! This will assist you with the basics when starting the process. It also let’s you know what to expect, gives you a timeline of how things run, and inspiration to get the wheels turning. Refer to it throughout planning to help you out.


how to create the perfect atlanta senior session


The Questionnaire

You’ll receive an initial form asking all kinds of questions about what you envision for your session and who you are- from your personality to what feel you want in your photos- I want to know all about you and your style. It only takes a few minutes to complete, but helps me to get to know you and also gets you thinking about what you want. It’s a great tool for personalizing your session.

how to create the perfect atlanta senior session


The Planning App

My favorite tool for planning your senior photos is the app that keeps important info in one place- links to helpful blog posts, a checklist, location ideas, and a link to your Pinterest board where you’ll keep your inspo photos to help me see the ideas you have in your head. It also includes a handy packing list so you don’t forget anything on session day!


how to create the perfect atlanta senior session



You also get access to me anytime you need. Text me outfit ideas, questions, or any concerns you have- I am here for YOU during the process!
To help you start brainstorming and know what to expect, download the free Session Planning Guide for tips on styling and a timeline to organize yourself. 


If you’re looking for a senior experience that’s more than just a person behind a camera snapping photos but a collaboration with a photographer that will listen to you and work to make your session exactly what you wanted, read more about the Signature Senior Experience I provide


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