Why You Should Have 8th Grade “Senior” Photos

A photo shoot can be beneficial for an eighth grade girl in many ways. When I began photographing senior portraits, I loved seeing the positive impacts it had and knew I wanted to provide the same for younger girls too. Having this experience can influence her personal development, confidence, and self-expression. The focus is always on celebrating her unique qualities and empowering her to be confident while providing a safe and supportive environment where she feels like she can be herself. 8th grade portraits are important for several reasons, as they can be beneficial for both her and mom.

Here are a few reasons I highly recommend  “senior” photos for rising 8th grade girls:



They Serve as a Transition Marker

As students move from middle school to high school, eighth grade portraits serve as a marker of transition and change. They capture this milestone before embarking on new challenges and opportunities in high school. Eighth grade marks the end of middle school and the transition to the whole new world of high school where she is no longer a kid, but a young adult.


Boosts Her Self-Confidence

A photo shoot allows each girl to feel special and appreciated, boosting her self-confidence. Seeing herself looking beautiful and stylish in the pictures can reinforce a positive self-image and help her feel good about herself. These photos can be an opportunity for her to reflect on her personal growth, achievements, and aspirations. It allows her to see how far she’s have come and the potential she has for the future.



A photo shoot encourages creativity and self-expression. She can express herself through outfits and the overall feel of the shoot, allowing her personality to shine through the photos. This experience can help her better understand her own interests and preferences. By creating an inspiration board, she can see her ideas come to life.


Memories of the Experience

A photo shoot creates lasting memories for her and mom too.. Looking back at these photos later can evoke the positive emotions she felt and remind her of the excitement and joy she experienced during the shoot. Portraits serve as tangible memories and allow you both to relive the day and how she felt amazing.



Appreciation of Individuality

A custom photo shoot celebrates each girl’s uniqueness. In a world that often emphasizes conformity, this experience can remind her that being herself is a valuable and beautiful thing. by celebrating her individuality and uniqueness. Each photo reflects her personality, style, and interests, making her feel seen and valued.


Social Skills

During the photo shoot, she’ll interact with the photographer and makeup artist enhancing her social skills and help her feel more comfortable interacting with others. Opportunities to practice these skills are crucial at this age and will help her feel more confident as she heads to high school.


Body Positivity

Eighth grade photos can promote body positivity by focusing on her favorite features and making her feel confident in her own skin. It can help challenge unrealistic beauty standards and promote a healthy body image no matter her shape or size. Having someone other than a family member make her feel beautiful can do wonders for how young girls see themselves.



Validating Interests

If she incorporates her interests into the shoot, praise and positive feedback during the photo shoot can encourage her to continue to explore her interests and hobbies or maybe some new ones. It reinforces that things she loves are important and strengthens her desire to be unique.


Strengthen Your Bond

When mom is involved in the session, it creates a shared experience you both can cherish. Whether it’s the preparation like helping her select outfits, going for a mani/pedi together, or hopping in front of the camera for a few shots during the session, being a part of the process is so important to help her know you care and that you are proud of who she is becoming.



Milestone photos shouldn’t just be reserved for babies and high school seniors- there is so much that happens in those “in-between” years that deserves to be captured.
They are not just pictures; they represent a chapter in a young person’s life story, capturing the essence of their personality and potential as they prepare for the next chapter in their journey to young adulthood.

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