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As a senior photographer, I know that you have a lot to think about when it comes to planning your session. Since professional makeup is now the standard for senior portraits in metro Atlanta, it’s included in both of our session offerings. I never want you to stress about anything, so I have put together a visual guide to help you decide on the type of makeup you want for your senior session. Sometimes, what you think looks great in the mirror isn’t perfect for you or may not be the look you are going for. Good makeup application is key to beautiful senior photos. Our professional makeup artist will help you choose a makeup palette based on your style and guide you on what would look best with your skin color, eyes color, and outfits. We encourage you to start collecting photos of looks you like so you can discuss them with your makeup artist when you arrive.


Natural and Simple

This look centers around giving you the barely there makeup application. Evening out skin tone and making your natural eye color pop. We use pink hues to give you a natural flush and fuller pout.

This look pairs well with:

–  natural locations

– lighter skin tones and hair color

– any clothing style, especially patterns


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Professionally Polished

This look centers around a natural feel, but emphasizes color a bit more. Lips stay in the pink palette, but can pop with a hint of coral or red. Eyes are kept light, but a bit heavier with added color that compliments your wardrobe.

This look pairs well with:

–  grassy to rustic locations

– all skin tones and hair color

– bright clothing



Captivating Eyes

This look is for those who think their eyes are their best asset. We highlight them with bold liner, smoky color, and lashes. Lips are kept simple and natural so the eyes are the star.

This look pairs well with:

–  all locations

– bigger eyes or unique eye color

– neutral wardrobe palette



Punch of Color

This look is all about playing up everyday makeup with a hint of glam. Eyes get a more smoky application with a color shadow. Lips can go a bright cherry or sultry cranberry hue.

This look pairs well with:

–  rustic to urban locations

– light/medium to darker skin tones

– any style depending on how much emphasis you want on the makeup



Glowing Glam

This look gives you that glowy, celebrity vibe. We use golds and subtle shimmers to create a soft glow while using a matte lip to keep you from being too shiny.

This look pairs well with:

–  natural locations

– lighter to medium skin tones

– bright colors and simple patterns



Bold Statement

This look is for the senior that wants to go all out and glam it up for their portraits. Luscious lashes, smoky eyes, and berry lips make this a popular look and makes your images stand out. A must for any senior desiring the magazine look.

This look pairs well with:

–  urban locations

– lighter and darker skin tones

– muted or solid clothing



Using these examples as a guide will help you visualize how you’d like to style your senior portrait session. We want you to bring your ideas and all looks can be tailored to your taste. Our makeup artists will collaborate with you to create the PERFECT blend of what you want with their professional experience of what looks best for you. Your satisfaction is necessary before we even leave the studio.


You can also reference our Pinterest Board for more of our favorite makeup looks. We encourage you to bring photos of the style you want to help the makeup artist perfectly match your vision.

Now that you have makeup ideas, get our favorite tips on Choosing Your Outfits for Senior Photos



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