3 Products You Need to Commemorate Senior Year (That Aren’t 5x7s)

A common question I see from moms and teens is, “What can we do with senior photos?” It’s true that a big part of it is the actual experience- getting pampered and glammed then having fun and feeling amazing on the shoot, but it doesn’t end there! I want moms and seniors alike to be able to enjoy these memories and relive this day over and over. But what else is there to do with photos besides printing a few 5x7s and 8x10s and putting them on a shelf or wall? LOTS! In fact, I’d say that small prints are the last thing my moms tend to think about when they come in for their ordering appointment. They’ve seen the gorgeous, custom products I offer and swoon! And they should- they are so much better than traditional prints and offer a way to not only display multiple photos, but to evoke the same emotions you felt when you first saw them.

Here are three products that you must have to commemorate her senior year experience-


1. A CUSTOM ALBUM for mom

By FAR my favorite product is the customized 45 image album. Hands down the best way to tell the story of her senior session. Designed simply so that the images are the focus and won’t be outdated in a few years. Mom can flip through this keepsake and see all of the facets of her child’s personality- from the stunning model poses to her real laughter, put together, albums are beautiful ways to memorialize this special year. They also make the perfect heirloom to hand down through generations.


what to do with atlanta senior photos

atlanta senior photo album



2. AN IMAGE BOX for senior

This product is popular with seniors because it has all the qualities they want- small enough to take with them to college, but big enough to hold their favorite images. I also love that it can be a memory box for their senior year- pins, tassel, notes, concert tickets, everything to commemorate this year all together to look through while she’s away. It also houses her favorite images from her session so she can have prints of them without feeling like they have to be on display.


things to do with senior photos image box

atlanta senior photo products



3. GRAD ANNOUNCEMENTS for friends & family

We’ve all gotten them in the mail and I bet you said “Aw! I can’t believe she/he is graduating already!” and hung it on your fridge (at least for awhile). It’s a sweet memento for friends and family to have and can also be designed with multiple photos to show off her style and personality. Of course, they can also act as invites for a special grad party but are pretty enough to hold onto. Everyone loves receiving photo cards over plain invitations (think about what Christmas cards you love to open) and they mean so much more to the recipient.



Want to see the entire product line? Check it out HERE!
Sound like products you’d like to have to compliment her senior experience? I’d be happy to hear from you and see how I can make this milestone even more special for her and you! Booking dates for senior photos in Atlanta now for Fall and Spring!


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