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senior portrait beauty must haves

senior portrait beauty must haves


It’s inevitable- Winter changes our beauty routine. Cold, dry air forces us to use products that combat the issues that come along with Christmas, snow, and sweater-weather.

I am always trying new products, mostly because I’m obsessed with all things beauty, to see if they a) do what they say and b) fix my Winter beauty problems. Here are a few issues I look for solutions to this time of year-

– dry, DRY skin (not just my face)
– flat hair
– oily roots from unwashed hair (since over washing dries it out, cause that makes sense!)
– breakouts/general face irritation
– chapped lips
– dull complexion

So I’ve decided to share a few products I have found recently that have really been a helpful part of my skin/hair routine. I’m still on the lookout for a few others so I’ll share when I find my new beauty besties!


1. Big Sexy Hair’s Push Up Thickening Spray

I love BSH products, but on a recent Ulta visit, I found this gem. It’s not sticky and gives me just the right amount of texture so my hair doesn’t look like I don’t try. Sometimes I just grab my hair with my fingers and spray my roots. Then I tousle it a bit and brush. Most days, I take sections at the top of my head, spray, and back comb to give amazing lift that stays all day. Finish with your favorite hairspray and you’re good to go!
Ulta Beauty- $19



2. Batiste Dry Shampoo- Divine Dark

I never wash my hair everyday, but in the Winter, that gets even less frequent. One, because it will dry out and feel gross, but mostly because I just hate.drying.my.hair. That’s where dry shampoo steps in. But if you have super dark hair, like me, you know the white residue most products leave behind. I found this Batiste dry shampoo specifically for us raven-haired goddesses. Shake it up well so the color mixes well, spray on roots, and work in with fingers. Then brush and style. easy-peasy.
Amazon- $7.50


3. Garnier Micellar Water

Micellar water has been the big thing in beauty for a little bit now but I finally jumped on the bandwagon this Summer. It does just what it claims- removes makeup, dirt, and cleans your face just as if you washed with facial cleanser and a sink. Sometimes, I use this on nights I’m just to tired and lazy to do a full wash. Other times, I use it after my normal wash routine as a toner to make sure I get EVERYTHING off. And all it takes is a light swipe with a cotton pad- perfect for my sensitive winter face.
Wal-Mart- $7


4. Equate Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

This. If I had nothing else in my “clean-up” routine, I would die without this. It’s a Neutrogena knock-off, but works exactly the same for almost half the price. I am an eye makeup addict and rarely leave my house without it, so a good eye makeup remover is a must so that I’m not pulling and rubbing that super sensitive skin around my eyes. Use a cotton ball for extra gentle application and watch as it removes waterproof mascara like magic in just a few swipes.
Wal-Mart- $4


5. Neutrogena Hydro Boost tinted moisturizer
One major part of my makeup line-up that changes is my foundation. I have to have a light liquid foundation to combat my super dry skin. Over the last few years, tinted moisturizers have really stepped up their game and can now compete in the full coverage foundation game. I used a beauty counter brand this Summer, but found this drugstore dupe a few weeks ago. And it has hyaluronic acid which is the big thing in dry skin quenching this season. Wear alone or with your favorite mineral powder for extra coverage.
Amazon- $11.50


6. Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm
I wear lip balm and gloss year round, but when it gets cold, that dry air wreaks havoc on my delicate lip skin. I love this lip balm because it’s made with natural ingredients and it has a rosy tint to it. It comes in a bunch of shades, but I love Zinnia and Rose. No need for gloss, especially on days when your lips are super dry. It makes your pout look healthy and smell good too!
Ulta- $5


What are some of your Winter beauty must-haves? Share them below or on our IG post

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