Fresh Year, Fresh You- Things to Do Before the School Year Begins

The sweet days of Summer are coming to an end and that means it’s time for a brand new school year. Maybe you’ve spent all of your break working. Maybe you slept through the entire two months. But I’m sure there are things you wish you would have done or tried. If you want to make the most out of these final few weeks, consider making a short list of easy, doable activities. They don’t have to be big and expensive- maybe you just want to get into a new routine or take more time for self-care. Let this list inspire your last minute list and go into the fresh school year on the right foot.



1. Change your room up- rearrange furniture or add a new space for studying. Add some new fluffy pillows to your bed or buy all new bedding. Or create a fun wall to begin hanging photo memories of this year

2. Try a new hair style- a new cut or color to set the tone for who you want to be this year. Just make sure you don’t have senior photos coming up! If you don’t want to go that drastic, look up style tutorials on YouTube so you can easily change it up on days you feel bored.

3. Add to your skincare routine- if there’s a product or step you’ve wanted to try, do it now before school begins in case it doesn’t quite agree with you. This is the perfect time to start a new routine so you can get your skin used to it before you have to leave the house everyday.

4. Try a new food/cuisine- is there a new restaurant you’ve wanted to try or food your friends just rave about? Try it out! Give your taste buds a little adventure  and you may just get a new favorite dish out of it.

5. Clean out your Closet- what better time for a closet refresh than the beginning of the school year? You’ll be shopping for new clothes anyway, so why not donate what you don’t wear anymore. Or have a group of your friends come over for a clothing swap.

6. Get into a Fresh Routine- ok so who has a schedule during the Summer? Unless you had a Summer job or somewhere else to be each day, you probably rolled out of bed around noon so now is a good time to get your body used to the school routine. Choose a habit to add to your nighttime routine that helps you wind down (not social media!) and one for morning that sets your day up for success.

7. Buy some Fresh Flowers for your Room- you’d be surprised at what fresh flowers can do for your mood. They also look pretty! If you want a plant that actually helps improve your health, try lavender, jasmine, or a snake plant.

8. Let Go of Last Year- if you had a rough school year last year, let those memories live in the past. It won’t do anything to keep thinking about them and hinder you from enjoying all the good this year has for you. Acknowledge it, then let it go with love knowing you’ll be making new, wonderful memories with friends this year.

9. Make a List of Colleges- this past year may have given you a better idea of what you want to do after high school or what type of college you want to attend. Make a short list to help you plan for tours and research more about them. If you have a dream school or two, start thinking about or writing your essay and filling out applications.

10. Make a New Playlist- whether you use Spotify or Apple Music, curate a playlist to reflect your energy going into the new school year. Maybe you want some relaxing, calm jams or maybe you’ll opt for tunes that pump you up.

11. Create/Update Your Vision Board- if you made a vision board at the beginning of the year, now is a great time to go back and see if you are on track and make any changes to it. It’s totally fine to not want the same things as 6 months ago and perfectly normal to not have things you put on it. Create some new and/or revised goals for the next 6 months.

12. Choose 3 Affirmations To Say Each Morning– studies show that affirmations can have a profound affect on how you view yourself and how you feel. Waking up every morning and saying positive words sets you up for a good day and over time, create new beliefs you have about yourself and how you view the world around you.


Do any of these resonate with you? Or spark another idea you’d like to try? Whatever you do, go into this new year with a fresh perspective and positive mindset. It will do wonders to set you up for a fantastic school year!



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