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Working with moms and teens, I get to see the close relationships they have and feel blessed to be a small part of bringing them even closer. Being a boy mom myself, it’s special to me to be able to see the mother-daughter connection in action. It’s a different relationship than I have with my boys. I love spending time with them, but there are a few things I’d enjoy doing that they just aren’t interested in.


If you are looking for new ways to spend some bonding time with your daughter, here’s a few suggestions for mom/daughter date ideas to try out.


mother daughter date ideas atlanta photographer


Make/Paint Your Own Pottery

I actually did this with my oldest son when I was pregnant with his little brother. He made a special, personalized present for him, but it is equally fun for tweens and teens and a perfect date idea. You can do either a pottery class where you throw your own creation, or simply choose a studio where you paint an already made piece. I love Eye Candy Art Studio in Duluth and Mudfire Pottery Studio in Decatur


Visit an Art Museum

The High Museum in Atlanta is a popular spot and always has rotating exhibits


Go Donut or Dessert Tasting

Choose 3-4 shops or items from the menu if they have a big one, and compare your favorites. I love Sublime Donuts and Cafe Intermezzo 


Go See a Show at the Fox

Dress up and go out to a fancy dinner beforehand too


Do an Escape Room

Does your daughter love problem solving? For my son’s 13th birthday, we did an escape room as a family and it was perfect, especially during a pandemic! We loved Impossible Escape but there are many great ones around Atlanta.


Have a Spa Day

Seriously, who wouldn’t want a day of pampering? Facials, soaks, pedicures- whatever you are into, bond over some good old fashioned relaxation! Try Salon Greco in Suwanee or Woodhouse Spa in Alpharetta


Sleepover at a Hotel

Reserve a nice room at hotel, order room service and watch a girly movie.


Have a Photoshoot Together

As a photographer that caters to tweens and teens, I understand the importance of capturing these memories through photographs. What better way to spend some time together than to commemorate your relationship? You can opt for stylized, dressed up images, or do more of a lifestyle and personality shoot. Or you can have your daughter be the star of the show and jump in for a few shots of the two of you together.
If you want more info about a photo session, together or teen-focused, get all the info HERE

mother daughter date ideas atlanta photographer


other fun ideas:

order take-out and play board games
shopping and lunch day
go to the fair when it comes to town
cook a three course meal together and eat with the fancy china
go grab ice cream or coffee and hang out together
have a picnic
have high tea at a tea room or hotel
do a puzzle together


Whether you are wanting to celebrate a special occasion or simply have a fun time together, one-on-one time creates memories for the both of you to cherish. Make this time a priority, even if it’s a quick coffee date. It will mean more to her than you realize.


Spending time with your daughter is a great way to show your love, but did you know there are things you can do to boost her self-confidence? Download the FREE GUIDE and get tips to help her see how amazing she is!


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