Do You Have Your Senior Priorities Straight?



It’s Finally Senior Year!

Getting ready for senior year can be exciting, stressful, and full of to-dos. We want to make sure we make it as easy as possible to cross off one of those important tasks- scheduling your senior photos. Often overlooked or put on the backburner, it can be difficult to get around to it among all of the other things going on the first few weeks of senior year.

Did you know that Fall is the most popular time for seniors to schedule their portrait session? Because of this, many miss out on getting the dates they want or need making it even more difficult to fit into their busy lives. Calling and scheduling early ensures you get your pick of open dates and prevents you from rushing around last-minute to get on the calendar. We try and open as many dates as possible, but they fill up fast, so we encourage seniors to plan on booking earlier than later.

You’ve waited long enough to finally be a senior- don’t miss getting the experience and portraits you deserve!

We make it SUPER EASY to get your photos scheduled quick and stress-free-


1. Click the link at the bottom of the post or click HERE to fill out a short  form
We will go over everything over the phone including the type of session senior or mom is looking for, pricing, what to expect during the experience, and how to prepare

2. You will receive a Welcome Packet in the mail to ensure you know everything about prepping for makeup and your photos, what to bring, and how to choose outfits.
We want you to know EXACTLY what will be going on before, during, and after your portrait session with Urban Trend. We also encourage you to check out our EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT LINE to get an idea of what gorgeous ways you might want to display your images.



3. Relax…we got you!
If at anytime before your session you have questions or need advice/suggestions on outfits, location, makeup, etc- let us know! We are here to help create the PERFECT session to capture exactly the look you want. And we’ve done this a few times, so we know how to steer you in the right direction!


So what are you waiting for?

If you need a senior photographer in Atlanta or surrounding metro, I’d love to chat about designing a session for you!



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