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One of my very favorite things about being a senior photographer is the relationships I build and maintain even after my seniors graduate.


I recently asked a few of them that are still experiencing college life to give me their best advice for the first year of school. One of the most exciting transitions of your life can bring anxiety and fear of the unknown. It may not take much time to get comfortable in this new life, but a little advice can go a long way, especially when navigating a big new world. Read what college advice for seniors they have for the upcoming freshman class-

college advice for atlanta seniors


“Don’t be afraid to ask for help, whether it’s from professors & faculty, counselors, RAs, friends, etc. as you go into your first year. I wish I’d realized that everyone was in the same boat with this new & often intimidating environment. People are almost always willing to help you out—no one wants you to struggle or fail. So don’t be scared to reach out and request help if you need it. Trust me, we’ve all been through it!”


“My best advice is to be as active on campus as possible. You only get four years in college and it flies by so you want to get as much out of it as possible! This is also the best way to meet new people too!”


“Plan a time to call home once a week. Your mom wants to know how you’re doing and you’ll appreciate the chance to talk to your family on a regular basis!”


“Get to know your professors! College is a great place to network. You never know who could help you get an internship, recommendation letter, or even a job in the future!”

college advice for atlanta seniors


“I think my biggest advice would be that things take time. It’s hard when you look around and you feel like everyone has found their friend group or figured out classes or found a boyfriend or girlfriend, I think it’s important to not stress over those things because they will come in time, you just have to be patient.”

“I believe that some people think their high school years are the best years of their lives… even though it may seem that way, i want seniors to know that the fun and happiness of life is not just in high school. let them know to live life to the fullest.”


“(1) My cousin told me this before I started college and it’s one of my favorite pieces of advice : she said never say no to anything, (to an extent obviously, haha) so like if someone invites you to go do something random, if you can at all go, you’ll really cherish those impromptu moments more than you will the school work you probably would have been doing, because you can always catch up on that (2) Don’t be afraid to pursue people you like to be friends with at the beginning, because everyone is trying really hard to make friends, so if you enjoy spending time with some people don’t be afraid to invite them somewhere or join organizations that they’re joining.”


“I think my biggest piece of advice is that it’s okay to go into college without having everything figured out and planned. It’s okay to change your major and it’s okay and usually worthwhile to try out different organizations and activities until you find the ones that you are excited and passionate about. Just don’t be afraid to try new things and talk to new people!” 


“Don’t wait too long to get to know people; get involved in something you’re passionate about early on and you’ll find some of your best friends.”


“My advice would be to step out of your comfort zone as much as possible even though it’s scary. College is the time to try new things, meet new people and push yourself to grow. Really take advantage of everything your school and it’s community has to offer because 4 years goes by so quickly and sometimes you don’t want to have any regrets!”


 “When I was in high school I was pretty well known and had a pretty big pool of friends, soon after I went to college that pool of friends became smaller and smaller. I lost contact from most people I cared about from that phase of my life, but was gaining a new community in this new place. I was so sad about losing friends from the past that I wasn’t focusing on how much I was gaining in the now. Over the past 2 years I’ve learned just how special these college friendships are. I learned that those who truly were meant to stick around from high school, did. Nothing is surface leveled now, every relationship I have is deep and two sided. Don’t worry too much about losing friendships from high school that you can’t take in the relationships you will build in this new phase of your life, because those are the friends that are forever.”


I appreciate all of the girls who contributed to this post. Your advice means so much to me and to the new freshmen getting ready to have their college experience. I wish all of the incoming underclassmen a wonderful first year!

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