5 Things You Didn’t Know About Atlanta Senior Photos

As a parent, your natural instinct is to give your children what you think is best for them. From the time they are born, to the day they leave for college, you are constantly educating yourself- from the best sleep positions for baby to the best to preschool to the best college. We do our homework, it’s just what we do. The tough part comes when we don’t know. Take the ins and outs of senior year. You’ve been dreading it (or maybe not) but it’s here and there’s A LOT that comes with it.
As a senior photographer and a mom, I understand that it can be overwhelming, so I want to give you parents a few tips when it comes to one aspect of senior year- memories. Often overlooked, senior photos are so much more than they used to be, and here’s why you should make them a priority this year.


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1. They can do wonders for self-confidence

I’ve seen it over and over again when photographing teens- showing them what I see can make all the difference in how they see themselves. From girls who have very low self esteem to girls who are super confident, when I turn that camera around and show them what I capture, they gasp, “Is that ME?” It is the best part of my job and as a parent, it fills your heart with joy. I want to create that with every senior who gets in front of my camera because every one of them deserves the gift of feeling comfortable in their own skin.


2. They are nothing like the school photos

Think about when you went to get her yearbook photos- the cattle call type lines with photographers going click, click, click, NEXT! Maybe when you were young, your mom bought a mediocre photo to frame so that every time you go visit, you’re embarrassed by that photo hanging in your parents’ living room. But our teens demand fun and unique photos that show who they are and aren’t rushed and impersonal. Senior sessions include teens swinging their hair and playfully walking towards the camera- they capture feelings and moments instead of cringe-worthy fake smiles. Your child will be just as proud to show them off as you will.


what to know about senior photos in atlanta


3. They aren’t just about good pictures

It’s a difficult time to be a teenager these days with the influence of social media. Everyone has a perfect life, perfect skin, and takes perfect photos of themselves. It’s important to me to give seniors a taste of that for a day. They should be able to feel like they stepped into a world where it’s all about them- their makeup is on point, they have a personal photographer following them around- it’s an experience that is about more than just getting a few good pictures. They deserve to have their moment in the sun and a day where they feel like the most important person in the world. Read my post about how a photo shoot can help boost her confidence


4. They are important not only for your senior, but for you too

Think about your favorite photo you have in your house. Every morning you walk by it and smile and it just makes your soul happy. That’s the power of photos and why we take them- on vacation, at important events- to remind us of people and memories we love. Senior photos do just that, especially when displayed around your home. Imagine having an album full of gorgeous images of your son or daughter that you can flip through any time you like, just so you can see their face while they are studying hard at college. You can view all of the beautiful ways to display her images here. It’s also important that you include yourself in her session, hopping in for a few shots. I’ve never had a mom regret the decision to capture a photo of just her and her baby.


what to know about senior photos in atlanta


5. You should leave them to the pros

Did you find yourself nodding your head as you read through this post? Are you thinking to yourself, dang, this is definitely something I need to do for my kid? If so, make sure that you choose a professional. Remember at the beginning where we talked about educating yourself and giving your child the best? It applies here as well. As with most things, you get what you pay for and professionals can provide all of the above and more. You might find someone who is pretty good at taking pictures and can do one or two of the things above, but when it all comes together, it creates an experience for your senior and photos you can cherish for years to come. It should be a special event designed by a photographer who specializes in these sessions, not an afterthought left to someone who knows how to press a button. I guide my seniors throughout the process so they know exactly what to expect, what to wear, and how to pose.


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