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As an Atlanta senior photographer, I know exactly how to plan for senior sessions- but I do it every day. Teens and moms, however, may have no idea what to think about, how to choose a photographer, or even when to book them. That’s why I want to help answer these questions and address a few things that might surprise you when it comes to senior photos.



1. You Should Book Your Senior Portraits Early


There are two reasons for this- first off, your photographer might have limited sessions each month and you want to ensure you get one that works for you and the time of year you want. If you have your heart set on a Spring session (which is SUPER busy season, btw) you don’t want to find the perfect photographer only to find out they don’t have any open dates. Some suggest 2-3 months in advance, but a good rule of thumb is 6-8 weeks during busy season. Secondly, you might find that your schedule fills up quickly once school starts or extracurricular season begins, and you want to be sure you save a spot in your calendar for your session.


2. You Don’t Have to Plan All By Yourself


These days, senior photos are SO MUCH MORE than standing in front of a backdrop and smiling for a few clicks. They are an experience that should represent your personality and style. When searching for a senior photographer, be sure they help with the planning process. You never want to be stuck trying to plan everything out on your own. We do this all the time, so we know what is important. At the very least, you should be provided a guide that preps you on how to choose outfits, how to care for your skin, and what to bring. Bonus points if they provide professional makeup. It makes a world of difference, ensures you won’t have another thing to worry about getting right, and prevents you from having to worry about making an appointment yourself.


Check out the guide I’ve put together just for seniors to help inspire you and show you how plan out every aspect of your perfect session! Click to download it for FREE

atlanta senior photographer planning guide


3. You Don’t Need to be Good at Posing


One of the top concerns my seniors have is that they are afraid of looking awkward because they aren’t good at posing. VERY few of my seniors are. As long as you can take direction and aren’t afraid to try something new, you’ll be fine. Like myself, most professional photographers are experts in posing to accentuate your beauty and help deemphasis anything you might be self-conscious about. In fact, I have a questionnaire before the shoot where you can voice any concerns you have about posing and areas of your body that you don’t love. I’ll encourage you to embrace your body as is, but will definitely highlight what you consider your assets. I will show you every pose, what to do with your hands, and before long, most girls are posing like pros!


4. There Are So Many Options When it Comes to Displaying Senior Photos


Gone are the days of handing over a disc of images for you to figure out what to do with. Digitals have their place (mainly on social media), but this experience is just too important not to have tangible, gorgeous products to look at every day. Many senior photographers are now full service, so you can have your favorite images printed out as wall art, showcase multiple photos in collages, or tell the entire story in keepsake albums. Most of my clients purchase a variety of options so they get the most images for the money. You can see all the best ways to display senior photos in this blog post.
I also provide seniors and moms with their own personal Mobile App so they can not only show off their favorites from their phone, but can upload them directly to social media. One of the many perks of having Urban Trend Studios as your senior photographer 😉


atlanta senior photos products


If you are trying to navigate senior year and are still unsure about a few things, I hope this helps calm a few fears and inspires you to get your senior portraits taken. I also hope it helps you to know what to look for when searching for a senior photographer so that you have a memorable and positive experience!

Think we might be a good fit for each other? I’d love to talk all about what you are thinking for your Atlanta senior photo session!


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